Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lundstrom Development Roots

In 1969, Bob Lundstrom decided to move his family from the Midwest to Naples, FL to avoid the bitter winters and to search for a career in the building business. In 1972, Bob teamed up with a man named Lenny Spicer and formed Sunbrella Homes Inc... Over the next decade, Sunbrella Homes Inc. built over 300 homes in the Naples – Marco Island area.
     Though part of a very successful team, Bob decided to go out on his own, and formed Lundstrom Homes Inc. in 1982. He successfully moved into a more custom niche, building high end homes all over the County, including Quail Creek, Wyndemere, and Bonita Bay.  He again enjoyed a decade long run of success.

 In 1994, his two sons decided to join the family business and become builders. They decided to rename the company Lundstrom Development Inc. to continue to build high end custom homes as well as pursue development opportunities.  Through the balance of the ninety’s and 2000’s they stayed very busy in communities like Lely Resort and Fiddler’s Creek.

Bob & Greg Lundstrom

Having survived the recent downturn in the economy, they are ready for the opportunities and challenges that await them for the next decade moving forward.

The Lundstrom’s have always kept customer satisfaction as there number one goal in the building process. They remain committed to keeping an open line of communication with each and every customer throughout a build and the subsequent warranty period. Often times they remain close personal friends with past clients.  They can work directly with clients during the planning stage or they can competitively bid an architect’s plans.

Greg Lundstrom
Lundstrom Development Inc.

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